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This team of 12 to 15 people has three sub-groups: water; renewable energy; and oil and gas. The sub-groups meet and work independently and collaboratively on these and other key issues.

The Team has a broad focus of study towards taking advocacy action (based on LWV, LWVCO and LWVLC position statements) on local and regional environmental issues, including water, fracking, air quality, land use, transportation, agriculture, renewable energy and recycling matters.

The team has developed information and resource guides for the public on local and regional alternative energy sources and energy saving incentives and a bibliography on water issues. 

In March, the team sponsored a presentation by John Sanderson, Director of Science for the Nature Conservancy of Colorado.  You can watch his presentation on You Tube:

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Current Team Highlights

Summary: December 18 2019 Environmental Action Team Meeting 



Team is collecting environmental organizations brochures to display at events such as fairs, etc.    EAT team has a tri-fold board. There is a budget for a display $250-$300.

Oil and Gas 

Larimer County’s oil and gas taskforce met through the summer and fall to assist County planning staff in developing oil and gas regulations. Draft #1 completed. Planning staff took feedback and will publish a draft #2 for public comment. Regulations will then be reviewed by the County Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. Tentative timeline for release of draft #2, public comment and adoption are on the task force web site. The hearing before County Commissioners is possibly in March.

All are encouraged to view the recorded COGCC December 16 meeting – very informative. Director Robbins discussed the option of putting location applications on hold until after COGCC rulemaking is complete. He has done this with a sect number of applications. Also, there is a video and PPT presentation about well integrity for planned rulemaking. 

AQCC holding hearings this week to tighten regulations #3 and #7 related to oil and gas operations emissions. The Denver metro north front range area air quality has been downgraded to “serious” by EPA. Commissioner Kefalas spoke at Monday AQCC hearing. 

Reviewed how members can represent the League on public issues. Members of course can take and express positions as they wish. To represent League, requests and discussions must go through EAT and then Admin. for approval.

Water Group 

The water group and others spent 1 hour 15 minutes with Jeni Arndt, Colorado House Representative for western Fort Collins. Very informative and very mush appreciated by all. She discussed water bills planned for the upcoming legislative session. These include boosting instream flow especially for late summer months, water sharing between adjacent water districts, requiring county planners to include water issues as part of land use planning, protecting water rights if there is an agreement to share water, emerging technology in measuring water use, augmenting the State’s draught contingency planning, study and barring of water speculation, and increase the number of well inspectors. 


Partners in Climate Action (PiCA) 

PiCA is a coalition of 6 organizations. Peg represents the League on PiCA. Concentrates on energy issues, climate action and influencing Fort Collins and Platte River Power Association to promote clean energy. PiCA also promotes adding emissions from businesses and manufacturing to Fort Collins emissions inventory. Subgroups include renewable energy, transportation and Wasteshed. Contact Peg if you are interested in attending a meeting.

Fort Collins for Sustainability is presenting a letter today to the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce today requesting that the Chamber move towards being more proactive regarding climate change and other environmental issues. The letter is signed by Chamber members and members of the public.

Larimer County Landfill Proposal

Team is interested in presentation from Larimer County staff about new landfill.  No rush though with 2020 being a very busy year. 

Other Activities 

Members are planning a Community Conversation for March 9 – save the date – at Foothills Unitarian Church. Presentations by C3E ( CLEAN ENERGY EDUCATION & EMPOWERMENT (C3E) INITIATIVE) and Pretty Brainy ( Embowering Girls to Gain Steam). Jane will send out an invitation when all the details are finalized.

League general meetings are the 4th Monday of the month. The January meeting will involve program planning for the year. Do attend.


2020 is the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment and founding of the League. The League plans to participate in the Womxn’s March January 18 in Denver.  There is also a march in Greeley.



Water Resources
Oil and Gas
Renewable Energy

The Water group  developed comments on the Northern Integrated Supply Project for the Larimer League to send to the Army Corps of Engineers. These comments were approved by the Administrative Team.  Now the group will focus on the issues and challenges involving water as the effects of global warming on weather patterns and precipitation become clearer. 
The group is developing a bibliography of books and materials on water issues. 
Bibliography of Water Issues in the West
The Oil and Gas group is focused on issues of oil and gas wells, fracking, its impacts, and its (potential) regulation.

The Renewable Energy group has developed and disseminated resource and contact information for all the providers of wind and solar power in Larimer County. You can download this Guide to Renewable Energy from the Documents File on this website.