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This team of 12 to 15 people has three sub-groups: water; renewable energy; and oil and gas. The sub-groups meet and work independently and collaboratively on these and other key issues.

The Team has a broad focus of study towards taking advocacy action (based on LWV, LWVCO and LWVLC position statements) on local and regional climate change, water, fracking, air quality, land use, transportation, agriculture, and biosphere matters.

The team has developed information and resource guides for the public on local and regional alternative energy sources and energy saving incentives and a bibliography on water issues. 

In March, the team sponsored a presentation by John Sanderson, Director of Science for the Nature Conservancy of Colorado.  You can watch his presentation on You Tube:

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Current Team Highlights

Summary: August 21 2019 Environmental Action Team Meeting 


Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC)


Air Quality Control Commission adopts a zero-emission vehicle standard by 8 – 1 vote.

Tom Gonzales, Larimer County Public Health Director, voted against the standards. The League would like to know the reason for his vote.


Our proposal is to send 2 League letters.

1. To Tom Gonzales regarding his vote especially regarding the County’s air quality issues.

2. To County Commissioners to ask that no further oil and gas permitting go forward until the County and/or COGCC regulations are in place. A letter was written 6 months ago but did not get sent to the Commissioners. Letter will need to be revised before sending.



Discussion of Johnstown gravel pit court case. The decision regarding the gravel pit go ahead was sent back to the Commissioners to vote on again, with Com. Donnelly recusing himself.


Larimer County Oil and Gas Task Force


A public open house is scheduled for September 12 at 200 W. Oak Street, Fort Collins. Time of meeting will be provided by County staff. Next Task Force meeting is on September 25. Watch web site for info The task force has 2 more meetings. Regulations will then go to planning commission then to Commissioners for hearings.


Please see the task force web site for public comment area and a public survey. The survey will be up until 8/31.


Water Group


8/20 Fort Collins City Council meeting consent agenda included a resolution regarding the Monroe Canal Diversion structure. Shows the complicated nature of water in Colorado.


“Resolution 2019-087 Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement for Funding Improvements to the Munroe Canal Diversion Structure. The purpose of this item is to approve an intergovernmental agreement between the City of Fort Collins, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, North Poudre Irrigation Company (NPIC), East Larimer County Water District (ELCO), the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District (FCLWD), and North Weld County Water District. The purpose of the agreement is to fund improvements to the Munroe Canal Diversion Structure on the Cache la Poudre River. The Structure is located approximately one mile west (upstream) of Gateway Natural Area on the Cache la Poudre River. The improvement project will upgrade the Structure to prevent debris from flowing into the Structure and to safeguard the Structure from adjacent vehicular traffic. The Structure delivers Poudre River water to the City’s Water Treatment Facility for treatment and is an integral part of the City’s Fort Collins Utilities water supply system. The total estimated cost to the City is $133,250 which is one-sixth of the total design and construction cost of $799,500.”


Water Education Colorado

Plan education for water experts - Integrating Land Use Practices into Water Efficiency Plans
Workshops: Longmont, Durango, Pueblo, Grand Junction



The Water Group will have a tour of Northern Water at 220 Water Ave, Berthoud, CO 80513 on 9/11/2019. Brian Werner will discuss history, CBT project, NISP.


Northern Water is in the process of buying 100 farms in Weld County and plans to change the farms’ water storage location to Glade Reservoir. Northern Water thinks they can do this without going to water court but that may not be possible.


The Friends of the Loveland Public Library is holding an event – Water in The West: A Conversation.

9/24/2019 7:00 PM Roberta Price Auditorium, Thompson Valley High School, Loveland CO

See admission cost.


Partners in Climate Action (PiCA)


6 organizations are represented. Areas of action – Fort Collins climate action plan, clean energy. Group presented to City Council last night.

1. Fort Collins for Cleaner Growth – updating to greener building codes for 3 large planned developments in Fort Collins and include affordable housing. Working with City.

2. Solar and renewable energy

3. Air Quality – Broadcom emissions, Fort Collins GHG Inventory – should the inventory include industrial emissions? Currently does not. Would have huge implications for the City. Broadcom will be a footnote to the Inventory.


Projects group works on depend on interest and people willingness.




Recycling presentation November 18, 6:30 to South Larimer County Group meeting.



Discussion of importance of data to advance environmental causes.


COGCC is meeting today and tomorrow in Glenwood Springs. Link will be sent to group.

AQCC is meeting tomorrow to present draft air quality rules. Link will be sent to group.


Next meeting 9/18/2019, 9:30 to 11 am.




Water Resources
Oil and Gas
Renewable Energy

The Water group  developed comments on the Northern Integrated Supply Project for the Larimer League to send to the Army Corps of Engineers. These comments were approved by the Administrative Team.  Now the group will focus on the issues and challenges involving water as the effects of global warming on weather patterns and precipitation become clearer. 
The group is developing a bibliography of books and materials on water issues. 
Bibliography of Water Issues in the West
The Oil and Gas group is focused on issues of oil and gas wells, fracking, its impacts, and its (potential) regulation.

The Renewable Energy group has developed and disseminated resource and contact information for all the providers of wind and solar power in Larimer County. You can download this Guide to Renewable Energy from the Documents File on this website.