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This team of 12 to 15 people has three sub-groups: water; renewable energy; and oil and gas. The sub-groups meet and work independently and collaboratively on these and other key issues.

The Team has a broad focus of study towards taking advocacy action (based on LWV, LWVCO and LWVLC position statements) on local and regional climate change, water, fracking, air quality, land use, transportation, agriculture, and biosphere matters.

The team has developed information and resource guides for the public on local and regional alternative energy sources and energy saving incentives and a bibliography on water issues. 

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Current Team Highlights

Summary: November 21 Environmental Action Team Meeting 



Oil and Gas


COGCC to consider 1000 foot setback for schools and day cares at December 17-18, 2018 hearing.


Proposition 112 failed. Hopefully the League Legislative committee will address oil and gas legislation. Martinez case is still pending.

Individuals on the western slope also increasingly anti-fracking.


See High County News 10/29/2018 issue article about the dangers of fracking and the Windsor community.


Joann Ginal will provide an overview of health related legislation in the upcoming legislative session on 12/12/2018 at 7 pm at the Plymouth Congregational Church, 916 W Prospect Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80526




Fort Collins City Council adopted 100% renewable electricity goal by 2030, Resolution 2018-094 on October 2, 2018.  

There are at least two groups focusing on renewable energy in the Fort Collins/Loveland area, Fort Collins for Clean Energy and Northern Colorado Partners for Clean Energy. Northern Colorado Partners for Clean Energy is working with Loveland City Council and other Loveland groups to promote clean energy.

Water Group


Water conservation – residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture bibliography. A bibliography of water issue books is on the League internal web site. The next project will be a bibliography of books pertaining to water law.


There is an article in High Country News about a proposed water pipeline from Lake Powell to St. George, Utah. There are parallels between the project and the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP). October 29, 2018 issue. The project is over budget, encourages growth in St. George, the State of Utah may have to pick up funding the project and is concerned enough to possibly squash the project.


Air Quality


Colorado Air Quality Control Commission approval of low emission vehicle standards. On November 16, 2018, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission approved new low emission vehicle (LEV) standards for new light-duty and medium-duty motor vehicles sold in Colorado beginning in the 2022 model year. The new standards are estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 2 million tons annually by 2030. The new standards are based on provisions of the California low emission vehicle standards. Colorado has joined 12 other states and the District of Columbia, in adopting California’s LEV standards. Only the federal government and California have the authority to set new motor vehicle emission standards.

Waste Management


There is a new Larimer County wasteshed plan and wastestream management. EAT believes that the wasteshed plan is excellent and deserves support but we are concerned that the plan proposes that the county hire private haulers to move waste from the planned sorting facility to the new landfill and other destinations. The draft letter proposes that the County and Cities to take over the process of hauling trash from the new sorting facility south of the current landfill to the new landfill north of Wellington and any other processing sites. There are public funds available that can be used to upgrade the hauling fleet to biomass, biomethane or electric vehicles. Because of concerns with air quality, having public control of hauling and the hauling fleet would better assure the possibility of a “green fleet”. Private haulers would continue to take residential and commercial trash to the sorting facility. Fort Collins has three private hauling companies. Trash hauling from businesses and residential areas to the planned sorting facility cannot be changed. See  for more information. Private trash haulers have applied pressure throughout the planning process to ensure that the hauling component of the new plan (between the planned sorting facility and the new landfill and other sites) be outsourced to one of them. Fort Collins City staff will provide an update about the wasteshed planning process at the December 11 work session. It is important to get the letter in before the work session to apprise City Council of the League’s position (if approved by the Admin Team).

The EAT approves the letter with several edits. The letter next goes to the Admin Team for consideration and approval.

Other Activities


            March 2019 LWV meeting – EAT has the date.

John Sanderson, Science Director for the Nature Conservancy in Colorado will be the speaker.


Next Team meeting – December 19, 2018  Check the League calendar for details.  


Water Resources
Oil and Gas
Renewable Energy

The Water group  developed comments on the Northern Integrated Supply Project for the Larimer League to send to the Army Corps of Engineers. These comments were approved by the Administrative Team.  Now the group will focus on the issues and challenges involving water as the effects of global warming on weather patterns and precipitation become clearer. 
The group is developing a bibliography of books and materials on water issues. 
Bibliography of Water Issues in the West
The Oil and Gas group is focused on issues of oil and gas wells, fracking, its impacts, and its (potential) regulation.

The Renewable Energy group has developed and disseminated resource and contact information for all the providers of wind and solar power in Larimer County. You can download this Guide to Renewable Energy from the Documents File on this website.