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Larimer County, Colorado
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“What is Happening with the Death Penalty in Colorado?”

Larimer County – The Cross Currents Team of the Larimer League of Women Voters will host a panel discussion, “What is Happening with the Death Penalty in Colorado?” on Dec. 6, 7:00-8:00pm at the Fort Collins City Council Chambers, 300 W. Laporte Ave in Fort Collins.

"For more than 150 years, Coloradans have been deeply divided about the death penalty, with regular questions about whether it should be expanded, restricted, or eliminated. It has twice been abolished, but both times state lawmakers reinstated the contentious punitive measure. Prison administrators have contributed to this debate, with some refusing to participate in executions and some lending their voices to abolition efforts. Colorado has also had a rich history of experimenting with execution methods, first hanging prisoners in public and then, starting in 1890, using the "twitch-up gallows" for four decades. In 1933, Colorado began using a gas chamber and eventually moved to lethal injection in the 1990s."
Review, The History of the Death Penalty in Colorado by Michael Radelet, CU Colorado Arts and Science Magazine


Troy Krenning, Criminal Defense Attorney

Kevin Lundberg, State Colorado Senator, District 15         

Michael Radelet, Professor of Sociology

Clifford Riedel, Larimer County District Attorney

Moderator: Barbara Rutstein