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Larimer County, Colorado


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2020 Election Information


Send us YOUR QUESTIONS for these Candidates and CLICK IN to watch the forums
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CANDIDATE FORUMS ARE TAPED AND WILL BE LINKED TO YouTube as soon as they are available.

September 23 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Watch This Forum On YouTube
Candidates for 8th District Attorney and Larimer County Commissioner 

September 30 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  Watch this Forum On YouTube
Candidates for Senate District 14, House District 52 and House District 53 
Both the September 23 and September 30 forums will be hosted and live streamed on the City of Fort Collins FCTV (cable channels 14 and 881), and a recording of the forum will be posted on both the FCTV and the League of Women Voters of Larimer County websites. 

October 8 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Watch this Forum on YouTube
Candidates for Senate District 23, House District 49, and House District 51 
This forum will be hosted by the Loveland Public Library and live streamed on the library’s Facebook page. 



Larimer County

There are TWO local questions on the Larimer County Ballot, one for the City of Loveland, and one for the City of Berthoud.
LWVLC has prepared pamphlets in both English and Spanish to explain the issues and provide unbiased pros and cons on each issue.  

2020 Larimer County Ballot Issues English
2020 Ciudad de Espanol


THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS® OF COLORADO has prepared this information as a public service to promote civic responsibility by providing nonpartisan information about the issues on which citizens will be asked to vote as part of the November 3, 2020 election. 

Colorado Statewide Ballot Issues
League Presentation on Ballot Issues You Tube

CrossCurrents Examines Amendment B

Should the Gallaher Amendment be Repealed?
Watch on YouTube
Amendment B - Modify Property Taxes

This is a referred amendment from the legislature to amend the Colorado Constitution to repeal the Gallagher Amendment.

  • Repeals the constitutional provision that requires residential property tax assessment rates equal 45% and non-residential property tax rates equal 55% of the total share of state property taxes;
  • Repeals the requirement that the non-residential property tax assessment rate be fixed at 29%; and
  • Repeals the requirement that the General Assembly adjust the residential assessment rate in order to maintain the 45%-55% ratio of residential to non-residential property taxes.

CrossCurrents is pleased to present this examination of the complexities, background, and possible effects of this important ballot issue.  Panelists include:
Bernie Buescher, Chair, B for Colorado
Clay Vigoda, Campaign Manager, Protect Our Homes Colorado
Joshua Fudge, Budget Director, Larimer County
Moderator: Barbara Rutstein

Welcome to
LWV Larimer County

Empowering Voters
Defending Democracy

The League of Women Voters of Larimer County is a nonprofit, non-partisan political organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government; works to increase understanding of major public policy issues; and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Our members, women and men ages 16 and up, volunteer their time year round to help Make Democracy Work!

We are a member of the national League of Women Voters which was formed when women finally gained the right to vote in 1920. Throughout the League’s nearly 100 year history and working in all states, the League focus has been to expand participation and give a voice to all Americans. It never endorses, supports or opposes any political candidate or political party.

lwv flicker demos

We invite you to:

  • Join our dynamic members – men and women – to study issues, learn, engage in civil deliberations and take action. We provide members with training and tools so that they can feel empowered to speak out on issues.
  • Use the resources on this website to educate and empower yourself.
  • Join us at our public events.

Political.....but Non-Partisan

Since its founding, the League of Women Voters committed to neither support or oppose any political party or candidate for public office.  This tradition continues today to ensure that the League’s voice is heard above the tumult of party politics.  The nonpartisan policy has added strength to the League’s position on issues.  It has made possible wide acceptance of League voter service and other educational activities.

Nonpartisan means that the League never supports or opposes political parties or candidates or appointees.  All League members need to remember that the League’s reputation for fairness is long-standing and hard-won and needs to be guarded.  We invite you to read more about our Non-Partisan Policy

Although we DO NOT support candidates, we do research, recommend, and support ballot issues that are supported by League positions.

The League is a political organization and encourages members to participate fully in the party of their choice.  It is an advantage to the League to have politically active members, and equally important, it can be a personally satisfying experience.

“In the League of Women Voters we have an anomaly; we are going to be a semi-political body.  We want political things; we want legislation; we’re going to educate for citizenship.  In that body we have got to be non-partisan and all-partisan.  Democrats from Alabama and Republicans from New Hampshire must work for the same things.”

Carrie Chapman Catt at the League’s founding in Chicago, 1920

What does this mean for Members?

Individual League members are encouraged to be politically active.  However, when they participate in partisan activities, they may not identify themselves as League members.

A League will be a strong and effective political force to the degree that it can deal with and accept controversy and live with uncertainty.

Keep in mind that conflict of interest may arise between a “board” member’s paid employment and her or his role in the League.  Visit with a member of the Administrative Team with any concerns or questions you may have.

League Statements

No member (including officers) may speak for the League unless they have first obtained review and approval by a majority of Administrative Team of the proposed statement.

Key Member Restrictions

Certain individuals who have high public visibility as officers or leaders of the League (Key Members) are restricted from partisan activity.  Members can  review the details in our Member Notebook.

The League of Women Voters Larimer County
is part of

The League of Women Voters Colorado and
The League of Women Voters US