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Larimer County, Colorado
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Administrative Team


The Administrative Team is composed of nine members, elected for staggered two year terms. The team meets once a month to review and coordinate events, review financials, set and apply policy decisions, and handle details important to the overall functioning of the League. Members of the Administrative Team coordinate the overall calendar and are responsible for Back-to-League Night meeting in the fall, Program Planning meeting in January, and the local annual convention in May. The Administrative Team members oversee fundraising and management of League funds, public relations, member communications (League Lines and “Mid-Month Update,”) and communication with LWVCO and LWVUS. Each Administrative Team member also serves as a liaison to another team. The Administrative Team appoints ad hoc committees as needed for special studies and other purposes.

At LWVLC’s annual spring convention, members elect administrative team members, approve an annual budget, adopt the program for the year, and conduct such other LWVLC business as is necessary. Operation of LWVLC is the responsibility of the Administrative Team. Programs and other activities of LWVLC are carried out by a variety of teams and committees which reflect member interests and program priorities.

Monthly meetings are on the 3rd Thursday from 1:00 - 3:00 and are open for League Members for any part that is not of a confidential nature.  We rotate meetings in Team members' homes. Please contact us at for specifics of the place.

LWVLC is a Colorado nonprofit corporation registered with the IRS under section 501c-4.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Administrative Team Members

Spokesperson - Anne Thompson

Secretary/Archivist - Carole Carnahan

Treasurer/Financial Officer - Bridget Hayes
Data Coordinator - Trish Warner

Co-Facilitators/Meeting Coordinators - June Hyman, Jane Hamburger

Financial Development Coordinator - Nancy Tellez with Budget Ad Hoc Committee

Calendar/Meeting Coordinators - Peg LaPoint

Membership/Leadership Development - Ruth Long
At Large/Communications - Kathy Wilson

LWVCO/LWVUS contacts - Anne Thompson

Co-Spokesperson – Nancy Tellez & Anne Thompson

Co-Facilitators—Jane Hamburger & June Hyman

Secretary – Carole Carnahan

Treasurer – Sheri Stevens

Calendar/Meetings – Anne Hall & Peg La Point

Membership/Leadership Development – Ruth Long