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LWVCO Gun Violence Prevention TF

FYI September 2023 Links
By Rionda (State) Osman
Posted: 2023-09-23T00:17:15Z

Greetings !

Fall is here ! The Gun Violence Prevention Task Force met on Wednesday, 13 September 2023. We agreed to continue seeking speakers to inform and educate us on important issues concerning violence and gun policy.

Notes Link: Agenda w/ notes 13Sep2023

Meeting Link: LWVCO YouTube Channel

Mark your calendar: 25 October 2023 ! Rachel Dane of Bridge to Justice will discuss the new Extreme Risk Protection Order law and share her work with those who apply for the orders. Don't miss it !

"Using What Works..."

Dr. Beverly Kingston, University of Colorado Boulder, discussed her research findings on 20 September 2023 in a presentation entitled "Using What Works to Prevent Violence". Dr. Kingston has given us permission to share her slides, and the recording of her presentation will be posted on the LWVCO YouTube Channel..

Link to Dr. Kingston's slides: Using What Works

What You Need to Know

From Beth DeHaven:

Congressman Joe Neguse along with House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries hosted a community conversation on gun violence prevention at Renée Crown Wellness Institute on the University of Colorado Boulder campus 21 August 2023.

 Link to Neguse & Jeffries Community Conversation

Link to Jeffries Calls Out "Fierce Urgency"

From General Reading:

The Secret History of Gun Rights: How Lawmakers Armed the N.R.A.

They served in Congress and on the N.R.A.’s board at the same time. Over decades, a small group of legislators led by a prominent Democrat pushed the gun lobby to help transform the law, the courts and views on the Second Amendment.

Link to The New York Times: NRA and Congress

Can Domestic Violence and Community Violence Be Interrupted at the Same Time?

A novel program in Brownsville, Brooklyn, is working to break the links between two of the most common types of shootings.

Link to The Trace: Brownsville's Novel Program

Teens buying ghost guns online, with deadly consequences

As unserialized firearms proliferate on the streets, teens discover the ease of obtaining weapons they couldn’t get from a licensed dealer

Link to The Washington Post: Teens and Ghost Guns

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