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Larimer County, Colorado

Education  Team

The LWVCO position:  In Brief for Pre-K-12
Support of a Pre-Kindergarten through 12 (Pre-K-12) public education system in which a balanced curriculum of humanities, arts and sciences leads to life-long learning for all students. Support of a stronger leadership role for the Colorado Department of Education to promote educational improvements and standards for early childhood education.

The LWVCO position:  In Brief for Higher Education
Higher education is a primary educational, research, cultural and economic force in Colorado. The State of Colorado has a responsibility to support its public institutions of higher education and to assist the people of Colorado in attaining a postsecondary education. State activities should be carried out with appropriate input from all concerned parties, including the general public.

Calling All Educators

Education is a critical element of our culture and discussion and action on this topic is becoming more intense.  While the state League has several position statements on education issues, the Larimer County League does not have a team whose role is to represent the interests of education.  We now have a governor who wants to champion education – let’s help him.

If you are interested in joining and serving on an Education Team for the Larimer County League, please contact Nancy Tellez: and let me know of your interest.

Recess is Over, Let’s Get to Work

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