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Larimer County, Colorado

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CrossCurrents is a TV program that provides a public forum for a
balanced and fair discussion of
controversial issues facing the community.
Moderated by the League, and produced by the City of Fort Collins, the program features panelists with differing points of view on issues in our community, county, state, region or                                               country. 

CrossCurrents programs are taped before a live audience six to eight times a year and replayed on FCTV and online.

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Upcoming Events

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Fort Collins

Carbon Neutrality by 2050: Is It Possible?
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“When I take a lungful of air in this moment, it has 30% more carbon in it than when I was born…That is a change that has never happened in a single generation of humankind on this planet.”

                  Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) to Huffington Post 


Lindsey Ex, Fort Collins Environmental Services

Stacey Baumgarn, Campus Energy Coordinator, CSU

Max Moss, President, HF2M Colorado

Moderator:  Barbara Rutstein


Discussion Topics will include:

• Outline of the goals Fort Collins wants to reach by 2050 and the current status of the plan.

• The major areas of challenge in this plan. Electricity, natural gas, automobile emissions, etc.

New technologies that might affect the success of this plan

Federal and State actions that could impact these plans

• The impact on individual consumers, businesses, and the overall economic health of Fort Collins

• Effect of actions by a small city like Fort Collins on global climate change

Current Trending Programs 

death penalty
What is Happening to the Death Penalty in Colorado? 

Eliminating the Death Penalty is a likely topic in this year's Legislative Session.

"For more than 150 years, Coloradans have been deeply divided about the death penalty, with regular questions about whether it should be expanded, restricted, or eliminated. It has twice been abolished, but both times state lawmakers reinstated the contentious punitive measure. Prison administrators have contributed to this debate, with some refusing to participate in executions and some lending their voices to abolition efforts. Colorado has also had a rich history of experimenting with execution methods, first hanging prisoners in public and then, starting in 1890, using the "twitch-up gallows" for four decades. In 1933, Colorado began using a gas chamber and eventually moved to lethal injection in the 1990s."
Review, The  History of the Death Penalty in Colorado by Michael Radelet, CU Colorado Arts and Science Magazine

Video:; What's Happening to the Death Penalty in Colorado?

Amendment 93
Funding for Public Schools
Aired on August 23, 2018
K-12 Funding Background
aired December 2017 

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